Dear Family & Friends,
While we recover from COVID here in the U.S., we are reminded that COVID remains a serious issue in South Africa.  Roll-out of the vaccines has been slow and steeped in bureaucracy, and the country remains in lock-down as it is experiencing a third wave of infections…..hard to believe.

Our Tapestry Homes Family has not been immune from this potentially deadly disease with the passing of our Housemother Florence one year ago, and the passing of both brothers of our Housemother Philiswa. While we mourn their loss, we are grateful to report our Tapestry Homes kids have remained healthy, together with our local partners at Home From Home.

In spite of COVID and the financial burdens it has created for so many non-profit organizations, we are pleased to report that God continues to do amazing things in the lives of our Tapestry Homes children and family.  Here’s a quick update…..

Home From Home launched a campaign in April of 2020 to provide computers and connectivity in all of their 36 homes, including our Tapestry Homes, which was critical to allow our children to continue their education during these restrictive times.  One year later this campaign has been successfully completed, and all of our kids and housemothers have access to computers and their lesson programs.












We recently welcomed four new children into our Tapestry Homes.  The Xhego sibling’s mother passed away last August, and the kids were moved from the Eastern Cape to Stellenbosch to live with an Aunt. When the aunt was not able to properly care for the kids, the opportunity presented itself to have them join our Tapestry Homes.  Two of the siblings live with Mama Philiswa and two with our new house mother, Mama Linda.










With the passing of Mama Florence, we were in search of a new housemother to support Mama Philiswa.  God blessed us with an amazing addition to the Tapestry Homes’ Family by bringing us Mama Linda.  She is an energetic and passionate person with a deep love for our children.










God has placed on our hearts the desire to ensure our Tapestry Homes children are being raised with a proper understanding and exposure to the Bible and the love of Christ.  Home From Home is a Christ-centered organization and they are grounded in Christian principles, but the laws of South Africa prohibit Bible teaching within foster homes unless it is the choice of the foster mothers.

With the enthusiastic support of our HFH partners, we have launched an exploratory campaign to put in place a structured, biblical-based bible study program for interested house mothers in all of the HFH homes that will translate into formal bible teaching to the children in our homes.

Initial conversations with the house mothers have been overwhelmingly supportive, and our HFH partners are beginning to explore potential options and partnerships to make this a reality.  It will require additional funding and much prayer, so we invite your participation.  Stay tuned to see where God leads us on this journey to make an eternal difference in the lives of our kids and housemothers.

Finally, we want to let you know we have made a change to our donation partner, non-profit organization. World Help has been a wonderful partner, but recent changes to tax laws now preclude them from functioning as a pass-through organization for Tapestry Homes for purposes of tax-deductible donations.

But as one door closes, God has opened a new one.  We are now partnering with Film School Africa to provide 501(c)3, tax deductible status to all Tapestry Homes donations. FSA was founded in 2006 by our long-time friend, Katie Taylor, to change lives by equipping students in the South African Film Industry.

Going forward, you will have two ways to donate either by check or online.  Visit the donation link below for more information.

We are humbled by your ongoing support during these challenging times.  Hopefully, you will draw some inspiration from the stories above as we see God continuing to move and making a difference in the lives of our Tapestry Homes children.

With gratitude,
Cliff and Rose Ratkovich

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