Beginning in 2005, and with the hands and feet of missions teams employing an innovative panelized wall system, Tapestry Homes built and owns two, three-bedroom, one-bath homes and a multi-purpose building on dedicated land in the squatter community of Kayamandi, South Africa.

childrenThese durable Tapestry Homes are home to 12 neglected and abandoned children under the loving care of two full-time, trained house mothers and a private social worker.

Through its partnership with nationally-acclaimed and locally-based Home From Home, these precious children are provided food, clothing, educational opportunities, counseling, mentorship, medical attention, and the message that God loves them.

But what we do is more than providing a home for these forgotten children – it’s elevating the human spirit and creating a place where a child can dare to dream, encouragement and hope can be found, and where young lives can be transformed to help them achieve their God-inspired potential.