Foster Mother Philiswa’s Loving Family Home

Philiswa joined Home from Home as a foster mother in 2014. She has created a wonderful, loving family home and has a good relationship with her children. It has been a tough time for her personally as both her brothers have died of Covid-19. Two new siblings joined the family in December last year and have quickly formed a good relationship with Philiswa and the other children.

Blessing turned 10 years old in February and is now in Grade 4 at a new primary school. She has settled in well and her results for the first term were very good. She has a strong bond with Philiswa who has been her primary caregiver since arriving at Home from Home.

The teachers find her a pleasure to teach and she is playing tennis and loving it! There have been no further reunification developments for the twins. They both have a good relationship with their foster mother and identify her as their primary caregiver.

Paul is 10 years old. He is in Grade 3 and is receiving therapy. It has been difficult for him to be one year behind his twin sister at school. He has a strong bond with Philiswa. The death of Florence last year, in the neighbouring house, had a big impact on him.

Kwami is turning 14 years old at the end of June and is in Grade 8. He has a special bond with Philiswa. He was so excited to attend a new high school but had to contend with a month’s delay as the school year only commenced in February. He is progressing well and continues to work hard in the subjects that he struggles with.

He is very pleased because he has a Samsung tablet which he uses for school and new soccer boots! He visits his 22-year-old biological sister regularly as she lives fairly close by and is looking forward to his birthday!

Lukhanyo is turning 15 years old later this year and he is doing well at school. He missed a year of school when his biological mother was very ill but he has caught up nicely. He is the first born and his three siblings are also in the Tapestry homes (Zubenathi, Abenathi and Anele). They came into our care in 2020 and are still building a relationship with Philiswa.

Their biological mother passed away and their biological aunt could not take care of them. Lukhanyo would like to start boxing as a sport and there is a club in Stellenbosch and we are looking to fundraise for this extra mural. He dreams of becoming a pilot one day! Their biological aunt lives in the community and has been in contact with them.

Zubenathi turned 11 years old in February. She is bonding with Philiswa as a mother figure which is wonderful to witness. An educational assessment shows that she should be at a special school and an application has been submitted for next year.

Foster Mother Linda’s Loving Family Home

Linda takes care of four children and has shown such grace and grit. It is no small feat to be thrown into the deep end and have to bond with fragile children who are grieving the death of their much loved foster mother, Florence. It is one year this month since her death and a special ceremony will take place and a tree will be planted in the garden in her memory.

Khanyisa is nine years old and has a twin brother. Their bond with Linda is growing every day. Khanyisa is in Grade 2 and doing well and has bonded so well with Linda over the past twelve months. Their biological mother could not adequately take care for them as they were born premature and were sick and her living conditions are not good.

She had alcohol abuse issues and the twins biological father is in prison. There is fairly regular contact with the biological mother and sister and the good news is that she is no longer abusing alcohol but remains unemployed and unable to care for the twins unfortunately.

Khanya is nine years old and Khanyisa’s twin brother. He attends a special needs school and really enjoys playing Lego. Their bond with Linda is growing daily and their biological mother is a lot more co- operative which is beneficial for all. She is assisting with the application process for their birth certificates which is an important document for the children.

Anele is now seven years old and in Grade One. He is doing well and his increased bond with Linda is clearly evident. We are following recommendations from an educational assessment that took place recently. Anele really enjoys playing outside with his friends.
A biological aunt is living in the community and has contact with him and his sister.

Abenathi is nine years old and in Grade 2. She is growing closer to Linda as her primary caregiver. She is playing tennis at the centre near where the Tapestry houses are situated and is really enjoying it. Her biological aunt is living in the community and has contact with the siblings.
All the children are taking part in the Orange Art Project. They are loving the activities set by the artists. Crucial funding is being sought for this hugely beneficial initiative. They also all attend church in the community.

Unam turned 18 in January and has been reunified with his biological grandmother in the Eastern Cape.

Junior is still in Hout Bay and will be moving to a Child and Youth Care Centre soon.

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