Dear Family & Friends,
We hope this update finds you well and healthy and looking forward to the New Year.  Like so many, our Tapestry Homes Family was not immune to the effects of COVID.  South Africa has been hit hard by the pandemic, particularly in the informal settlements like Kayamandi where high concentrations of people are living in tight quarters (60,000 people in one square mile) with poor sanitation.

Sadly, we lost Mama Florence to COVID-19 earlier in the year.  She was a dedicated house mother who had provided steadfast love to our foster kids since 2005.  Her loss was taken hard by several of the children she cared for, and we have provided grief counseling to help them cope with their emotions.














Yet, while we mourn her passing and celebrate her life, we are grateful the rest of our team and foster kids remain safe and healthy.  And, God has sent us a wonderful new housemother, Mama Linda, who is a loving and lively person with an abundance of early childhood training and deep passion for our kids.

We recently welcomed four new siblings to our Tapestry Homes aged 6 to 14 from the Eastern Cape who tragically lost their mother to COVID.  The children were moved to Kayamandi to be with their aunt, but when she was not able to properly care for them, the opportunity presented itself to have them join our Tapestry Homes Family.  We are now at near full capacity with two housemothers and 11 kids, having room for one more child.

Earlier in the year, we completed extensive renovations to the Tapestry Homes, including new furnishings.  The improvements were well-received by our mamas and children, lifting their spirits and communicating our long-term commitment to their well-being and quality of life.





Through your generosity and God’s grace, a life has been redeemed and transformed. Check-out Noxolo’s (“Peace’s”) story below of her journey from an abandoned young teenager to our Tapestry Homes to her ambition and training to become a pastry chef….it’s a “sweet” story.

Finally, we remain grateful and privileged to be partners with our local partner, Home From Home.  Through the leadership of their Executive Director, Peter Marx, and his entire team and board, they continue to set the bar high in providing holistic, compassionate and competent care to our Tapestry Homes children.  HFH currently manages 36 homes with over 200 kids with plans to expand their award-winning model of foster care to other communities in need.









And, all of this is possible because of your generosity and continued support of Tapestry Homes.  Thank you for joining with us to make an eternal difference in the lives of these precious children.  In a year marked with great difficultly, we are grateful for God’s faithfulness and blessings upon our Tapestry Homes Family. Wishing you and your family all the best in the New Year.

With gratitude,
Cliff and Rose Ratkovich

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