Noxolo (“Noxie” aka “Peace”) joined our Tapestry Homes in 2009 having been an abandoned, young teenage girl living and trying to survive in the surrounding township of Kayamandi.  Her warm personality and infectious smile touched our hearts and those that had joined us on our ministry trips, and we were grateful for the opportunity to provide her with a safe and loving home.

During high school, she developed a love of baking and making desserts, and her dream was to one day become a pastry chef.  After transitioning from our Tapestry Homes, she became pregnant and gave birth to her daughter, Faith, which made it difficult for her to care for her newborn and find a way to pursue her passion.

She shared, “Faith has become the biggest blessing in my life.  Having her in my life has made me strive for success so I can be able to provide for her and give her the life she deserves.  I want her to go to the best schools and take her out of the township life, as this is not the right place to raise any child, especially a female child.”















As time permitted, Noxie found part time work in a restaurant, pursued several chef training classes and earned an internship as an assistant chef, all in pursuit of her dream to become a pastry chef. Her trainer wrote, “I can’t hold any torch to her with regards to her presence in the kitchen, I have not had as impressive a student in years and I speak truthfully.”

In August of this year, Noxie was presented with the opportunity to attend a well-respected chef’s school, the “Chef’s Training and Innovation Academy” which offers guaranteed employment as a pastry chef upon graduation. Because the tuition for this one and a half year program was beyond her reach, Tapestry Homes had the privilege to sponsor her tuition.

Noxie is excelling in her studies, and we are excited to see where God takes her and Faith on this culinary journey.   She wrote to us, “I want to say ‘thank you’ for giving me the opportunity to study at the school of my dreams. I will forever be grateful”.

As we begin the New Year, we’d like to say, “thank you”, for your continued support that allows Tapestry Homes to help our kids reach their God-given potential.

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