Looking at our Tapestry Homes kids and seeing their growth this past year, both physically and emotionally, reminds us how quickly the pages of life turn.  Before we know it, these young children who came to us neglected and abandoned will grow-up as young adults, better prepared to face the challenges and opportunities of the real world!

To help our kids prepare themselves for this future, our local partner Home From Home  is expanding the level of support we will be providing our children in 2017.  A new position for an Educational Program Manager will expand our Tutoring Program into a larger, more holistic Education Support Program.

This program will continue to provide tutoring and mentoring support for our children, but with the support of an Educational Psychologist, it will offer more therapeutic focus to ensure that each child is reaching their necessary developmental milestones and academic achievements.

Attention will also be given to appropriate extra-mural activities that engage with our kid’s interests and talents. This is an important aspect of their self-development as it encourages them to see their talents, increasing self-confidence while preparing them for positive engagement with children and mentors outside of their usual school and home environments.

We are excited to see how God will leverage this expanded focus in the coming year and years to come to help our children lead healthy and productive lives and reach their God-given potential.





2X Challenge

It is our plan in early 2017 to make several physical improvements to our three Tapestry Homes and property.  These improvements will include expanding and improving our perimeter walls and new exterior lighting to add another layer of security protection for our kids and house mothers.

We will be undertaking improvements within our third Tapestry Home, the multi-purpose home, to provide more study, extra-curricular and recreational activities for the children.  And, we will be making general repairs and upgrades throughout all three homes and property.

To help us raise the $20,000 for these improvements, a donor has pledged to match all donations received by December 31st up to $10,000!  Will you please consider joining with us?  Your tax-deductible, year-end donation will have twice the impact with our 2X Challenge!!  There is no limit to how God will use your generosity!

Please visit our How to Give page to learn how to make your tax-deductible gift to Tapestry Homes.





Thank You!

As 2016 is quickly coming to a close, please accept our words of gratitude and thankfulness for your continued prayers and financial support of our Tapestry Homes in Kayamandi, South Africa!!

It is because of your generous support that these forgotten kids have found safe and loving homes and a sense of belonging – a place where they can find the hope of a bright and independent future and learn of God’s love.
Wishing you a Blessed 2017,

Cliff and Rose
Tapestry Homes

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