The Christmas and Holiday Season in many ways is the “season for invitations”. Whether it be to attend a party, meet for dinner, have family get-togethers, or visiting with friends and neighbors, we will all accept invitations to celebrate the season.

As the New Year approaches and the pages of life turn so quickly, many of the memories we made during the holidays will quickly fade away.

Tapestry Homes would like to extend a special invitation that will never fade away, but rather leave an indelible imprint on your heart — an invitation that has the power to create eternal memories and change the lives of forgotten and neglected children in need of a safe and nurturing place to call home.

As you read the following stories of the life change taking place within our Tapestry Homes and what God is doing to help our children reach their God-given potential, we ask you to accept this “eternal invitation” and join us on this journey!


Home From Home Celebrates 10 Years!

L to R: Gareth (Operations Mgr.), Jane (Co-Founder), Emily (Social Worker), Pippa (Co-Founder)

L to R: Gareth (Operations Mgr.), Jane (Co-Founder), Emily (Social Worker), Pippa (Co-Founder)

10 years ago when we made our first trip to Kayamandi, South Africa and Tapestry Homes was born, our local partners Jane Payne and Pippa Shaper launched their dream to create a non-profit organization dedicated to providing safe housing and holistic, Christ-centered care for orphaned, abandoned and abused children of South Africa. Today, Home From Home celebrates its 10-year anniversary.

Their first home of 6 children has grown to 34 homes housing 200 children, including our 12 kids and two Tapestry Homes. Along the way, Home From Home has received local as well as international recognition for their exceptional work, including the 2010 Stars Foundation “Rising Star Award”.

We are blessed to have Home From Home as our local South Africa partner managing the day-to-day operations of our Tapestry Homes. We are grateful for Jane and Pippa’s leadership, Gareth’s passionate and capable maintenance and upkeep of the homes, Emily’s expertise in navigating the requirements of the social service system, and the 24/7 nurturing that Mama Philiswa and Mama Florence provide to our children.

Congratulations Home From Home on your 10-year anniversary! Thank you for all you do to partner with us and help our Tapestry Homes children reach their God-given potential and lead happy and successful lives.

Mama Philiswa

Mama Philiswa

Mama Florence

Mama Florence

Sprucing Up the Place . . .

th9After 8 years and the normal wear-and-tear that comes with teenage girls and now young kids, it was time to upgrade the homes and grounds and stay on top of needed repairs. We also wanted to add some kid-friendly amenities that would improve the quality of their lives and bring some joy to their daily routine.
With the leadership of our operations manager, Gareth, and support of our Film School Africa partner, Katie Taylor, we are wrapping-up the following improvements:

– New children’s playground
– New trash enclosure and laundry area
– New roofs
– New kitchen cabinets, tiled countertops and sinks
– New ovens and ranges
– Exterior and interior painting
– New landscaping

Gareth shared, “The improvements to the homes have been a spectacular transformation and have created a much more welcoming and homey environment for the children. The moms and kids are thrilled.”

And, of course, none of these improvements would be possible without your generous financial support.


th11Onward and Upward!

It was in 2009 that Sizo joined us in our Tapestry Homes Program, having become an orphan upon the unfortunate death of her parents. She came to us as a shy, insecure, untrusting and alone teenage girl.

Fast forward six years later to 2015 and witness how this same girl has blossomed into a resilient, beautiful, loving, English-speaking and Christian young lady with the confidence to now venture out on her own.

Sizo will be leaving our Tapestry Homes to live with an aunt in Kayamandi as she continues her studies at Boland College in Stellenbosch. She is successfully pursuing a degree in early childhood development, as she feels God’s calling to become a teacher and help 2 to 4 year old children.

“I love you all so much. I appreciate what you (Tapestry Homes Program and Sponsors) did for me. You care about my education. I say ‘thank-you’ for everything I got! May God bless you and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”

Sizo is a beautiful example of how to never give up in the pursuit of one’s desires and dreams! Tapestry Homes and her sponsors believed in her and provided her with the support and skills to tap into the gifts that God has given her.

Sizo has touched us all over the years, and we extend a special “thank you” to those who have supported her along her path.

Accept Our Invitation!

None of what God has accomplished would be possible without the generous support of so many! We ask for your financial help in order to continue the good work that God has begun as we start the New Year of 2016. Please accept our invitation and join our Tapestry Homes Family of sponsors!

Please donate online or use the donation tab to make your online tax-deductible gift to Tapestry Homes. Select “Tapestry Homes” in the designation tab. You can also make a check out to Threads Africa with “Tapestry Homes” in the memo line and mail to:

Tapestry Homes
60 63rd Place
Long Beach, CA 90803

Wishing you a Blessed 2016,

Cliff and Rose
Tapestry Homes

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