Mama Philiswa (above) with her kids Junior, Siphelele, Paul, Kwami, Ayanda & Blessing


Our Tapestry Homes beds are almost full with the 12th young boy soon to join Mama Florence’s home!   Both the homes are bustling with energetic and playful children aged 2 to 13 years old.

By God’s grace and mercy, along with the compassionate and competent care shown by our local partners, “Home From Home”, these neglected and abandoned children are all receiving safe shelter, food, clothing, schooling and medical attention while witnessing the love of Christ and experiencing the joy of living with their new Tapestry Homes family!


jonathan robert

Brothers Jonathan & Robert

mama florence

Mama Florence





The third Tapestry Home continues to serve as a multi-purpose room for the children and administrative office for our hands-on Home From Home social worker, Emily.   She continues to do an outstanding job as an advocate for our children through the local social services system.

What a joy it is for us to see the Tapestry Homes functioning on all 12 cylinders with the knowledge that these precious lives will be forever changed.

Major Repairs & Upgrades

repair1What better way to help our children expend their boundless energy (and give rest to Mama Philiswa and Florence) than with a new playground?  With the shared vision and help of Katie Taylor (Film School Africa partner), we have constructed a dedicated playground which includes swings, slides, cargo nets, and climbing equipment.  Soon the equipment will be painted in vibrant colors and sand will be added as ground cover.


Yes……It’s hard to believe that the first Tapestry Home was built over 8 years ago, and the time has come to address needed repairs.  With the combined help of our “Home From Home” Operations Manager, Gareth, and Katie, we are embarking on a series of home and property repairs and upgrades.  These include, among other items: roof repairs; plumbing upgrades; interior and exterior painting; new drought-resistant landscaping; perimeter wall enhancements; new kitchen cabinetry, stone counter-tops and oven/stoves; and furniture and fixtures.

We would like to ask for your help by joining with us to fund the $10,000 that will be required to implement these items.  Please visit our donation page to learn how to make your tax-deductible gift to Tapestry Homes.    100% of your contribution will go directly to the cost of these improvements.


The fruits of your gifts have brought incredible life change to Sizophelia who joined our program 8 years ago.  She lives in the second Tapestry Home and is enrolled in Boland College in Stellenbosch where she is completing her ECD (Early Childhood Development) training. Sizo is a true example of how the safety and security of living in our Tapestry Homes has allowed her to grow and blossom.  She is giving back to the children at a local childcare center as a volunteer intern, in addition to being actively engaged with her church!  God is so faithful!


prettyWe also celebrate Pretty, a beautiful young lady who has been with us for 6+ years and who came to us at age 14.  She has successfully graduated from high school and has transitioned from our Tapestry Homes to the next chapter of her adult life.

Pretty is currently living with friends in Kayamandi and seeking employment.  As she looks back with gratitude for her many years of sponsorship through Tapestry Homes, she recently expressed in her own words:

“My sponsors, oh wow, I mean, I don’t know what to say to them. I’m grateful for all their support. I hope I’ll see them face2face to thank them, they have been wonderful!   God has been gracious by blessing me with you guys, love you and thank you SO much for everything you did for me!”

Now, this is why we do what we do to help these children in need.   And, as importantly, we can’t tell you enough times how grateful we are for your Tapestry Homes partnership and incredible generosity throughout the years!

God bless you!

Cliff and Rose
Tapestry Homes

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