Blessing & Paul

God’s blessings are flowing down on Tapestry Homes in Kayamandi as we start 2014!   I am so excited to share how we have been blessed in just the first couple months of this new year!    Who knows what is in store for the rest of the year!

For the last several months, we have been praying for God to bring us the right Foster Mother for our Tapestry Homes program, so that we can start bringing younger children into the second home.  Home From Home’s experience has shown that a home with multiple aged children will be the most successful because it is more like a “real family” home.

First blessing…………..Just a week ago, Philiswa moved in as our new Foster Mum!   She has gone through the “HFH Foster Mother” training for several weeks, as well as training with other Foster Mothers in their homes, who provide input as to whether the candidate has potential and the skills to be a good foster mother.   Mama Philiswa is so excited to be with our program and I am told that she is already making this Tapestry Home, a “real home” for the children who will come to live with her.

Of course, God’s timing is so perfect!!   Just a week after Mama Philiswa moved in, our HFH Partners were notified by Social Services that there were twins who were in need of a loving home.   I am delighted to tell you that we now have a set of twins, a three-year old boy and girl, living in the second Tapestry Home.   The boy’s name is Paul, and the adorable girl’s name is “Blessing”!   Yes, “Blessings” do come in all shapes and sizes!!

It does appear that these sweet twins and Mama Philiswa are adjusting to one another quite nicely!!   Praise God!!   We just couldn’t be more joyful that Blessing, Paul and Philiswa are finding safety and security in our Tapestry Homes, the homes that were built by so many loving hands and hearts!

As we expand the number of children, there are Tapestry Homes Sponsorship opportunities available right now!   If you, or someone else you may know, is interested, just go to the “Donate” tab and click “Sponsor a Home”.   For as little as $35 per month, you can join us in supporting these forgotten children living in our second Tapestry Home.

I feel that God has great things in store for our program this year!    Our older girls are also doing well…….with Ntauleng and Siya working at jobs until they hear more about college or university acceptance, and Sizo and Pretty are back in school.    Thank-you for your continued support of this program!    We are so blessed by your ongoing love and encouragement!

Blessings, Rose

Mama Philiswa, Blessing & Paul


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