July 6th & 7th: On Wednesday, the final coat of paint was applied to the home’s exterior while painting of the interior trusses was completed.

Laying of the laminate flooring was finished, electrical wiring and placement of outlets and switches was nearing completion, plumbing fixtures were set into place, and internet wiring was connected to the home.

By day’s end, all of the landscaping had been delivered to the site including new plants, flowers and sod. Last year, we formed a relationship with the owner of a local nursery, Issie, who donated all of the plant material. Issie paid us a visit on Monday afternoon and committed to partner again with us by supplying all of the plant material for the new home. It is extremely gratifying to join hands with local South Africans who have a heart for Tapestry Homes and want to share their love of Jesus with the orphaned girls.

Clear skies and warm temperatures continued to bless us on Thursday morning as the team arrived in force. What was about to unfold could only be described as managed chaos. We had one day to complete the home and ready it for Friday morning’s community celebration.

The girls, who were on Winter Holiday from school, joined in with planting of flowers and painting of the window and door trim. Without being asked to do so, the girls volunteered their help and wanted to put their stamp on the new home. Our hearts were overflowing with joy to see team members and the girls working side-by-side and to realize just how far the girls have come in such a short time. God is doing a mighty work in these precious girls.

By mid afternoon, the window and door trim had been cut, painted and secured to the home. Electrical and plumbing were completed, landscaping was nearing completion, paint touch-up was finished, the veranda was under construction, and the house was cleaned.

Furniture and furnishings were moved into the home by late afternoon as the final construction and painting of the veranda took place and the sod was laid extending the grass courtyard to the edge of the new home. By 6:45 pm and with dusk turning to night, the home was finished and ready for Friday morning’s celebration. Praise God.

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