July 5th: We awoke to a beautiful day in Kayamandi—clear skies, sunny and warm in the afternoon (high 60’s). A perfect day for painting our third Tapestry Orphan Home. And painting we did.

Our morning began with a floor signing by team members and the girls living in the first and second homes. The team shared encouraging scripture verses and blessings for the girls, housemothers and our newly hired social worker, Bonani. After a several month search, we have been blessed with Bonani who comes to us with a Masters Degree in Social Work, and she speaks four languages. She is amazing, and we are looking forward to having her join us in the dedication celebration on Friday.

Following the floor signing, the team began priming the exterior while adjustments were made to the interior roof trusses. By 10:30 the exterior of the house was completely primed. We then turned our attention to the interior and finished priming before lunch.

In the afternoon, the second and final coat of paint on the interior was completed as the laminate flooring began to be laid, and the electrical wiring began. The team returned home with sore necks and backs, but satisfied with the progress made.

Tomorrow is scheduled for completion of electrical and plumbing, exterior painting and trim, and completion of flooring. Stay tuned.

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