Team Leaves for Kayamandi, South Africa

The foundation piers are in place and the plumbing and electrical trench has been dug for the third Tapestry Orphan Home.  Beginning on Monday morning, July 4th, the factory-prefabricated, panelized walls will “go vertical” and, weather permitting, the entire three-bedroom, one-bath home will be erected by the end of the day—that’s right, in one day!

The patented, panelized wall system is constructed of exterior sheets of lightweight concrete that are separated by a recycled cardboard, honeycomb interior insulation.  The locally-manufactured, interlocking panels are durable, fireproof, weatherproof, and insulated.

On Day 2, the home will be painted and electrical and plumbing installation will begin.  On Day 3, the electrical and plumbing work will be completed, plumbing fixtures will be put in place, the laminated wood flooring will be laid, and landscaping will commence. 

Cabinetry will be installed on Day 4, clean-up will take place, new furniture and furnishings will be installed, and landscaping will be finished.  On Day 5, the community will come together with our team to celebrate the home’s completion, and the orphaned girls will be welcomed to their new home.

This third home of the six-home Tapestry Orphan Village will serve a variety of needs for the existing and future girls.  It will be: an emergency home of refuge for hopeless young girls living in the squatter community who need immediate shelter; an office for a trained counselor; a study hall; a retreat where special occasions can be celebrated; and an office for our local sponsorship coordinator, Nicky.

In partnership with Threads Africa, our 24 member team will depart the week of June 27th and unite on Friday evening, the 1st.  The next two days prior to the start of construction will be spent with the girls and housemothers on a retreat, Threads of Discipleship, where they will learn life skills and receive the message that God loves them and so do we.

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