A passionate and spirited team of 24 volunteers from various parts of the U.S. will return to Kayamandi, South Africa on June 30th to build our third Tapestry Orphan Home..

This third home of the six-home Tapestry Orphan Village will be a special place serving a variety of needs.  It will be an emergency home of refuge for hopeless young girls living in the squatter community of Kayamandi who find themselves in need of immediate shelter, or needing to escape an abusive situation. 

Because we feel it is important to establish a strong support network for the TOHO Village before building the remaining three homes that will house an additional 18 girls, a trained counselor will office in the home and provide support and guidance to the girls and housemothers.

It will also be a study hall where the girls can concentrate on their homework, as well as a place where they can meet separately with friends, or celebrate special occasions. 

Finally, the home will provide an office for our local sponsorship coordinator, Nicky, who works passionately to oversee the daily activities of the girls and housemothers.

Become a Fan of Tapestry Homes on Facebookand follow our daily progress on building the new home beginning July 4th, or check-out our daily blog posts with photos and videos of the house going up in just 5 days.

We are more grateful than words can express for the continuing support of so many that have come along side Tapestry Homes and the orphaned and abandoned teenage girls who have found refuge in our Tapestry Orphan Homes.

Because of this support, these desperate, neglected and abused girls have found safety and hope and the unconditional love of a Christ-centered community. For the first time in their lives, they are able to dream big dreams and know that they are God’s loved daughters.

Cliff and Rose

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