Using a factory-manufactured, panelized wall system that allows for rapid construction, Tapestry Orphan Homes are fire-resistant, weatherproof, insulated, elevated and painted in native African colors. The three-bedroom, one-bath fully-furnished homes are complete with electricity, solar-powered hot water and plumbing, and have a kitchen, dining area and living room.

Each home accommodates six children and a house mother. The cost to build a Tapestry Orphan Home (including land, building and furnishings) is about $30,000, or roughly $5,000 per child.

These homes are built on dedicated land in the heart of Kayamandi, a squatter village of 50,000 people living in one square mile, so that connection to the community remains unbroken. Mission teams partner with locals to build, furnish and dedicate Tapestry Orphan Homes in just five days.

Through our local ministry partners, Home From Home,  the children are lovingly fed, clothed, schooled, mentored and cared for.

But most of all, they are given hope, a future and shown Christ’s love in a tangible way.